AnyGivenSundayFrom an original screenplay written by Daniel Pyne

This was a project I developed for director Richard Donner under the title “Playing Hurt.”  I was a fictional story, based on the real-life memoir of Oakland Raiders team physician Robert Huizenga.  Warner Bros was going to make it, but Donner balked, I left the process, and the movie devolved from green light to development, and spiraled into a limbo of rewrites.  Meanwhile, Oliver Stone was developing his own football project, and in that magical way that the movie business works, somehow Oliver and Warner Bros decided to proceed together, and Oliver took his scripts and my script and mashed them together to create “Any Given Sunday.”  Watching it, however, I’m struck by how the tone, pace and style of this movie is marvelously similar to my original screenplay.  And I’m happy to have been a part of the final version.