WhiteSandsScreenplay written by Daniel Pyne

This was the first original screenplay I had optioned or sold.  I wrote it during the Strike of  ’88, from a notion I began almost a year earlier; the first fifteen pages came to me in all at once: the notion of a small town cop discovering a body and a briefcase full of money in the middle of nowhere, and the cop’s decision to become the dead man in order to solve the crime.   But it’s really the story of a man trapped by his own devising in a small town life, who finds himself confronted by the opportunity of recasting his future on a larger, more exciting scale.  He’s more than up to the task, but like Odysseus, his real goal is to find his way back home.  It was optioned by Columbia Pictures, went into turnaround, and then bought by Morgan Creek after they produced Pacific Heights.  Several Directors circled it, including Ridley Scott and Michael Apted, but Roger Donaldson made the film.  It never quite found the audience it deserved.